In our Worship Services we’re continuing to explore what the prophet Isaiah has to say to us:   


Sept 1st
11.00am   “Keep your eye on the prize Acts 16:11-34
Richard Kerr

7.00pm   Communion
James Porter

Sept 8th 

11.00pm  Confident in Christ Philippians 1:1-11
Richard Kerr

7.00pm   Presbytery Celebration Service Muckamore Presbyterian Church

Sept 15th
11.00am  Living in Christ 
Philippians 1:12-26
James Porter

7.00pm   Sunday Night Extra Tea and coffee from 6.30pm

Sept 22nd  
PW Service 
Heather Clements, 
Overseas Vice-President of PW Loose offering to PW Funds

Sept 29th
BB Enrolment  
Richard Kerr